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The brasserie experience

A smell of beer, seafood, sauerkraut, charcuterie, all in a warm atmosphere. Proximity, conviviality, rapidity, flexibility, quality and simplicity are the key words of the brasserie spirit.

Continuously open from 8 am to midnight, the Excelsior brasserie in Nancy is vast and can accommodate hundreds of customers simultaneously while giving the importance that every customer deserves, because for us, each customer is unique.

Our menu has dishes that you can find throughout the year to guarantee the speed of our service
(sauerkraut, quiche lorraine, tartare steak …). Depending on the seasons, a second part of our menu will offer suggestions and seasonal compositions.

The main hall of our Brasserie near the station in Nancy is full of history and presents an elegance between tradition and modernity. The incessant ballet of our servers is well-known and always pleasant to see. The logistics and military organization of our services are part of the spirit of the Excelsior brasserie. The chef and his brigade are trained to satisfy the large number of customers every hours in the day.

In the brasserie, you will be welcomed in a room with 160 seats, 25m by 12m, representing the Ecole de Nancy, and Art Nouveau: glass windows by Jacques Gruber, furniture and chandeliers by Louis Majorelle and Daum glass lamps.

Back home, the smells, the atmosphere, the noise, the frame and the colors will return you in memory and will make you travel. A timeless memory. That’s the brasserie spirit. A true place of life, of exchange and of history, come to live a moment and a unique experience in the brasserie the Excelsior.