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Cheeses & desserts

~ Cheese ~

Strained cottage cheese with herbs  9.00€

Strained cottage cheese with red fruits  9.00€

Maison Marchand farmhouse cheese 10.00€


~ Desserts ~

Crème brûlée with Bergamot flavour 9.50€

Taïnori chocolate charlotte, Bourbon vanilla custard 9.90€

Le Tout Nancy, ice-cream dessert with macaroon splinters scented with bergamot, mirabelle plum coulis 10.50€

King Stanislas treat, Louis Baba with Amber Royal Rhum 12.00€

Gavotte Millefeuille Diplomat cream and caramel sauce 10.20€

Minestrone of chilled seasonal fruits, lime sorbet 9.20€

Bourbon vanilla profiteroles in hot Valrhona chocolate sauce 12.00€

Crêpes Suzette flambéed with Grand Marnier 11.50€

Traditional vanilla-raspberry Vacherin, red fruit coulis 9.50€

Chocolate Liégeois or Café Liégeois 9.20€

Valrhona Chocolate Grand Cru ,intense praline in ultra-thin wafers and caramel sauce 12.90€

The Excelsior signature lemon meringue tart 10.50€

Gourmet coffee (assortment of 4 sweets) 11.50€

~ Ice-creams & Sorbets ~

Ice-cream and sorbet selection – 3 flavours: 9.00€

Coffee, vanilla, chocolate, lime, cherry, mirabelle, lychee, strawberry, raspberry, salted caramel, mango